Being a Mummy

It has been slightly more than a month since my daughter was born on 12 November 2015. Being a mummy is tough, what more a first-time mummy. I have to cycle between being a panda and an octopus. Thankfully, I have my in-laws to help take care of her during the day while I take on the night shift. Well, I guess you don’t really understand what your mum goes through until you become a mum yourself. The experience makes you appreciate your mum a whole lot more.

There are days where it gets so challenging that you want to give it all up, but you can’t because being a mummy is more than a full-time job. You just can’t quit like that. Moreover, there’s a thing called unconditional love. Things can get really tough but you’ll do it anyway out of love for your little one.

I am slowly learning how to juggle with everything and will soon find time to update this blog more often. There’s so much I want to share from my motherhood journey. For now, just sit tight and the next entry should come soon!

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