She Dislikes Milk Now

It has been some time since I last blogged here. I’ve meant to keep up with blogging at least once every week but it has been hard for various reasons. I wish I could share a lot more about Emilee’s developments. I’m taking some time to rethink a plan to keep this blog alive so bear with the silence for a while.

In the mean time, here’s some updates on the little one…

Emilee is an excellent sleeper but struggles with meal times. A friend once told me that you can only have one and not the other with a child. Meaning, the child could be an excellent feeder but naps and sleep at night is horrendous, or the child has no problems with sleep (e.g. sleeps through the night) but meal times are a pain. Anyway, her latest drama is that she decided she doesn’t like milk. Yes, you read that right. She dislikes milk. To be honest, her mummy isn’t a fan of milk either (unless it is chocolate flavoured) so who am I to judge my own daughter’s preferences. But seriously, I don’t think I had a change of taste that early in my life. First, we worry that without milk, her nutrition and calcium intake would be compromised. Second, we worry about finding a substitution of 600ml of fluids per day to keep her bowels moving smoothly.

No milk? Oh yes, there’s Pediasure…chocolate-flavoured Pediasure to be exact. That ensures her nutrition isn’t compromised and she’ll still get her 600ml of fluids per day (not counting the water she drinks too). Hmmmm…but that doesn’t really solve the problem. You see, Pediasure doesn’t sit right with her. It makes her constipated. And according to some mummies, chocolate is heaty which adds on to the constipation problem. Geez.

So here comes Mummy E, the experimenter. If it’s the dairy taste she dislikes, then all I have to do is mask it right? Easy peasy. All this while she has been drinking NAN and it doesn’t give her constipation, so what I did was mix chocolate Pediasure with NAN. Since chocolate Pediasure gives her constipation, what’s the least number of scoops I can mix in with the most number of scoops of NAN such that the milk taste is still masked? Experimented with the different ratios until I finally got the ratio of four scoops of NAN to one scoop of chocolate Pediasure. She usually drinks six scoops of NAN until the 200ml mark but I figured five scoops of NAN and one scoop of chocolate Pediasure would make the milk taste a bit too strong and she might reject it.

She accepts this concoction which is now known as “chocolate drink”. The “milk” word is banned. I felt she might reject the concoction and not try to taste it if I called it “chocolate milk”.

Her bowels have been fairly smooth too so we’ll continue with concoction until I think of some way to get her to drink unflavoured milk again.

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