Who are you?
This blog is owned and managed by Elisia, who is a/an:

  • Japanese culture lover
  • Occasional lolita
  • Full-time homemaker
  • Rollercoaster junkie

How did this blog come about?
I remember the time when I was in Secondary school and we girls, were made to watch a video on pregnancy and abortion as part of our sex education. There was a birthing scene in the video and I remember being so grossed out by it. I went home to tell my mum about it, exclaiming how can someone sit in a pile of gunk and be so happy that she has just given birth to a little one. My mum only laughed and said not to worry as nurses will help to clean you up. That was my first question on pregnancy and motherhood, and that information in Secondary school became my only knowledge of what’s to come.

I grew up with a group of seven other girls from Secondary school. Being good friends for ten over years, we still meet up a lot to catch up with one another’s lives. Of course, some of us became mothers. Each time we have a meet up, I would learn something new about motherhood. Example: I learnt that mothers have to constantly pump out the milk, otherwise it would get too painful and unbearable. I mean, I already knew that mothers produce milk for their young ones, but it never occurred to me that in a way there was overproduction and all that milk needed to be pumped out. See, ignorance.

I realised that I knew too little about motherhood. All that sex education in Secondary school was not going to prepare me for the time when I have my own little one. And as much as our mothers have gone through all this, it’s not like they are telling us all this crucial information. So, what to do? I end up having to learn from my mummy friends and seek the help of the internet. That’s the hard part. There’s too much information scattered around and some of it is too general. Each person is different and our experiences can differ greatly.

This blog is where I discuss the questions I have about motherhood and hope that by sharing my experience, other first-time mothers will benefit and be less panicky when the time comes.

How do you pronounce this blog’s name?
Being a Japanese culture lover, I just had to inject some form of Japanese-ness into the blog name. The way to pronounce it is ‘Mummy-TOH-Baby’ which just means ‘Mummy and Baby’. But if you read it the English way ‘Mummy-TWO-Baby’, it sounds like I’m communicating to my child. Which is cute too.

Why is this blog called “MUMMY TO BABY”?
I usually name my blogs/sites after song titles of artistes I love. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a suitable song title to name this blog after. I considered AKB48’s “Baby! Baby! Baby!” and the first line of Perfume’s “Hold Your Hand” (which is “Hey, Baby!”). But the former sounded too cheesy and the latter is already taken.


[Updated on 14 January 2015]

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