Hey, Doc

So congrats, you’re pregnant. Now what? I guess it’s time to choose an obstetrician and get the proper care needed. People often refer to an obstetrician as a gynaecologist, but really they are two different types of doctors. Or maybe an obstetrician may be a gynaecologist, but a gynaecologist may not be an obstetrician. Have…
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The ‘M’ Word

Yes, I am absolutely terrified of the ‘M’ word. It did not help that my mum and mother-in-law cautioned me not to carry heavy things or stretch too much, especially in the first trimester. Why the first trimester? It is said to be the most unstable period during pregnancy. My mum went further as to tell…
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The Miracle of Life

Yup, we all know that only one sperm will fertilise the egg, but here’s a very informative video that tells you the whole process.


Out of the 300 million sperm, only a few dozen will be left by the time they get past the cervix. And only ONE out of the few dozen left will fertilise the egg. Omg. I am truly mind blown.

By the way, sperm can live for a few days in the body, but the egg only lasts for 24 hours. So you really only have that precious 24 hours for fertilisation to take place and create a new life.

Talk about the miracle of life…


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