Just Keep Swimmin’

Lubricant can be really helpful for ladies who are a little dry down there. After all, you want your sexy session to be pleasurable and not full of pain.

While normal lubricants do not contain spermicide, they do come with a precautionary message that says something like this:

Lubricant may slow sperm down, so if you’re trying to have a baby, talk to your doctor before use.

Studies have shown that normal lubricant creates a barrier for sperm to optimally swim through. Not to worry though, there is something called ‘sperm-friendly lubricant’. The difference between normal lubricant and sperm-friendly lubricant is that the latter is formulated to mimic the natural bodily fluids in terms of consistency and pH level. This helps sperm to swim better while doing what lubricant is supposed to do — lubricate your bits for less painful intercourse.

I’m currently aware of only two baby-friendly lubricant brands in Singapore: Pre-Seed and Conceive Plus.

Photo credit: Pre-Seed


I remember that Pre-Seed was retailing at the local pharmacy at about $40. It comes with a 40g tube of lubricant and nine single-use applicators.

Conceive Plus comes in separate boxes of either a 30ml tube of lubricant or three single-use applicators. Both retail at about $11 each. The tube of lubricant is mainly for external use (i.e. more for male use), while the applicators are meant for internal use (i.e. apply on inner walls of your lady bits). Both the tube of lubricant and applicator can be used together.

We tried Conceive Plus as I got my hands on them from The Sample Store. My hubby said the Conceive Plus lubricant dries a lot faster than normal lubricant. While I would love to give a glowing testimonial that Conceive Plus worked wonders in helping me conceive, unfortunately we only tried Conceive Plus once and I think I conceived naturally without any help from lubricants. 😀 So I guess trying to conceive the natural way is still the best, but if you ever need any help, now you know which lubricants to go for.

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