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August has been a busy month for me. Lots of activities in the weekends. Here’s another baby seminar I attended last week.

It was held on 22 August 2015 at the Intercontinental Hotel. It was organised by Parkway East Hospital and supported by Cordlife.

Image credit: Cordlife

My comments on the programme highlights:

Labour Stages and Expectations
If you’ve attended your own hospital of choice’s antenatal classes, information from this talk wouldn’t be new to you. Basically, Dr Ting Hua Sieng just went through what the different stages of labour are — the symptoms and pain relief options.

What was more interesting was the video she showed at the end. She’s a gynaecologist so she does look into other female reproductive issues as well. The video she showed was the surgery procedure for removing an ovarian cyst. Although it didn’t have direct relation to the talk, I felt it still had some connection. Some women get cysts during their pregnancy and for some strange reason, these cysts do no harm and just disappear on their own after the pregnancy. Personally, I do have a cyst on my right ovary but according to my obstetrician, the size of it is not something of urgent need for removal. According to Dr Ting, if the cyst requires removal, there is only a small window during the pregnancy that permits that. Too early and the pregnancy has not stabilised yet, too late and the baby would be too big for the surgery to take place. It was quite surprising as I thought the cyst was actually a solid ball. All the time, doctors speak of cysts as the size of an egg or orange, making comparisons to solid objects. Actually, the cyst is just tissue with air (and some liquid) inside. The bubble just deflated like a balloon as soon as the surgical tool punctured a hole in it. Then the cyst tissue was just cut/pulled away.

Lifesaving Benefits of Saving Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord and Cord Blood
Not going to comment on this as I’ve done so before here.

The 101 Know-Hows of Pre & Post-Natal Care
Didn’t pay too much attention to this talk and didn’t find it too informative either. Main points were to understand that your baby cries to communicate and how to bond with your child.

The Art of Breastfeeding
Ms Suwammah Sinnappan talked about how milk is produced, the benefits of breastfeeding and the different techniques of breastfeeding. The last point was the most informative for me. Different techniques suit different mummies based on the size of their breasts and whether they went through a vaginal delivery or caeserean section (c-sect), as well as the size of the baby and how many babies are feeding. There’s the cradle hold, the cross cradle hold, football hold and the lying on your side. The most common positions are the cradle and cross cradle positions. The football hold would suit mummies with twins and the lying on your side would suit mummies who went through c-sect.


Goodie bags that were given out included one from the Nestle booth that was handed out before the talk…

My hubby was particularly thrilled to receive another tin of Milo and I was just groaning that I received another box of maternity milk. I dislike drinking milk since young. Heh.

The other general goodie bag was given out after the talk.

It wasn’t as extensive as the previous seminar supported by Cordlife as this seminar was on a slightly smaller scale with less exhibitors. It was still nice to receive diaper and wet wipes samples, plus a first aid kit that would come in pretty handy.

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