Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers

As mentioned in my earlier post, Tula’s wrap conversion carriers (WCC) are highly sought after as they are released in limited numbers. They cost more than a regular canvas carrier, anything from USD250-600. Carriers come in standard or toddler size and can either be half or full wrap conversions. Half would mean that the outer portion of the carrier is made from woven wrap fabric but the inner portion is canvas. Full would mean that both outer and inner portions are made from woven wrap fabric. The most sought after design for the WCCs is the love print. It’s basically printed hearts all over the carrier.

As much as I wanted to stay away from the poison, I couldn’t resist it and ended up admiring the love print too. My favourite colour is pink so I naturally got drawn to the pink carriers. <3

In the beginning, there was only one pink love print carrier — Love Tendresse

Love Tendresse | Photo credit: babytula.com

I was a bit meh about this one as the pink was a nice shade but the heart print was too faint. Then, Tula released a rose pink love print carrier — Love Sucre.

Love Sucre | Photo credit: babytula.com

Omg! Isn’t it lovely? It stayed my favourite until Tula recently released two more pink love print carriers — Love Bubblegum and Love Cotton Candy.

Love Bubblegum | Photo credit: babytula.com

Love Cotton Candy | Photo credit: babytula.com

From the stock pictures, it seemed like Love Bubblegum was a paler and duller pink than Love Cotton Candy, so I naturally fell in love with Love Cotton Candy. It was the sweet baby pink that I liked. At this juncture, I must stress that I love baby pink then rose pink then dusty rose pink. I absolutely hate the neon barbie doll pink. However, when I saw real life pictures of the two carriers, it seemed that Love Cotton Candy was a bit too bright and leaning more towards the barbie doll pink that I hated. So yes, Love Bubblegum is now my favourite love print carrier.

Of course, I do find other colourways pretty too. Like the lime green Love Pomme and teal Love Sprinkle.

Love Pomme | Photo credit: babytula.com

Love Sprinkle | Photo credit: babytula.com

But my first love will always be for pink things.

If you want to know how popular this love print is, the love print carriers usually sell out within a minute of release. Yes, I am not kidding you. It is a game of ‘fastest fingers first’ when it comes to scoring your desired WCC The thrill of scoring is perhaps what drew me into this craze.

I actually scored my first Tula WCC in one of the stockings. I was going for a Love Sucre and managed to cart it but lost it while checking out. So I managed to cart this other WCC which is rather beautiful too.

Constellation Athena | Photo credit: babytula.com

It is a Full Standard Constellation Athena WCC. No hearts so stars will do. I had the thought to buy and flip but when the WCC reached me, I suddenly felt a wave of uncertainty as to whether to let go of it or not. I know the hubby will not approve of a Tula carrier as it’s too expensive and it doesn’t support front-facing carrying like the Ergobaby 360 carriers that we currently use, so this Tula will have to go quietly.

It is currently listed for sale on Carousell and going for $650. I am open to price negotiations but please, no low-balling. Understand that WCCs cost more than canvas carriers and that time and effort went into scoring this carrier. Stockings are usually held at 6 or 7am Singapore time, so yes, I had to wake up halfway in the early morning just to snipe this. Do contact me if you require more information on the carrier or photos of the actual product. SOLD!

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