Ideal Flowers for Baby Showers

Going to a baby shower and have no idea what kind of flowers you should bring? Or do you want to gift someone who just had a baby an inspirational and vibrant bouquet but you’re not sure which flowers are appropriate for that occasion? We’ve talked to the best florist in Singapore for you and we have all the answers from the most reliable source out there. Below you’ll find fabulous ideas for a baby shower gift that will make your flower arrangement the object of envy.

  1. Pink Roses

There’s nothing quite as enchanting and gentle than a bouquet of delicate, pastel pink roses. By the advice of the best flower delivery in Hong Kong, go for a flower arrangement that comes in a mason jar and we guarantee you that your flowers are going to be the life of any baby shower.

  1. Flower Bunches

We were able to find out from the best florist in Singapore that one of the most popular choices are their flower bunches. These rustic flower arrangements are filled with petite and delicate flowers that remind a mum to be of spring and joy, and have a subtle scent to them that mesmerize everyone who comes close to them.

  1. Sweet Peas

Both the best Florist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the best Florist in Hong Kong listed sweat peas as one of the most magical flowers for baby showers. They might not be as traditional as roses, and they might not make a statement all on their own, but in a beautiful arrangement or even in flower stands, these flowers exude the exact kind of vibe you’d like for a baby shower.

  1. Dahlias

Beautiful dahlias exude elegance and sophistication, and although they might not be the most common choice, as told by the most prominent flower delivery Singapore has, it can make a great baby shower centerpiece, a beautiful and vibrant bouquet for the mum to be, or a get well soon bouquet for the mum who just gave birth.

  1. Spider Mums

Want flowers to go with your fruit basket? Possibly something that’s not going to overpower the primary gift? We suggest going for beautiful white or pink spider mums, whose thin yet lively petals add a certain pop to any floral arrangement. Ideal with fruit baskets or on their own, it’s a bloom whose petals don’t disappoint.

  1. Carnations

Definitely one of the most popular flower types, at least with a typical flower delivery Singapore offers, carnations are a great choice with their ruffled petals and a soft scent. Some mistake carnations for being only funeral flowers, but they are definitely more than just sympathy flowers. In fact, it’s a traditional flower for baby showers!

  1. Gerbera Daisies

On the other hand, if you want to gift a get well soon hamper, which is traditional, and flowers that are less traditional, why not go for gerbera daisies? They come in a variety of different colours to suit the theme of your hampers, but they also are completely adorable in flower arrangement to welcome a new baby into this world. The fact that they last longer and are more durable comes as a great benefit.

  1. Asiatic Lillies

There’s literally no Dubai flower delivery that doesn’t include Asiatic Lilies in their flower arrangements, and no Hong Kong flower delivery that didn’t mention these gorgeous and proud blooms as the best flower choice for a baby shower gift. It makes for a truly memorable flower arrangement.

​Getting the flowers right in such a memorable and crucial moment in almost every woman’s life can put a lot pressure on you, but with the advice from the best flower delivery in Singapore we assure you won’t make a mistake.

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