Nothing Prepares You for Motherhood

I chanced upon a sponsored Instagram post by famous model/blogger/personality Zoe Raymond that mentioned her pregnancy. Went to kaypoh her Instagram account and saw all her happy posts on her pregnancy. Those bump shots and messages of how she can’t wait to hold her child in her arms.

Ah, been there, done that. When Emilee was inside me, I was thrilled at the idea of being a mother, thinking of all the wonderful things I would do together with her. And then she arrived into the world and life hasn’t really been the same.

You see, nothing really prepares you for motherhood. Every child is different. You can gather all the knowledge you can from books and the internet but all that is just written in a general sense. If your child happens to be the anomaly then what now? That was exactly how it was with me, Emilee and breastfeeding. I remembered getting all frustrated and upset. I felt like all the walls I had fortified with what I had read, just crumbling down. It didn’t help that my own mother and mother-in-law hadn’t breastfed so they couldn’t help me much.

To cut the long story short, motherhood isn’t all a bed of roses. In case anyone thinks I’m being a wet blanket, dissing Zoe Raymond’s happiness, no I’m not. What I’m saying is that there’s a long and perhaps difficult road to navigate ahead. But no matter what I’m sure she and all other new mummies will learn along the way and be the greatest mummies they can be to their little ones.

Just enjoy your pregnancy, don’t worry too much about amassing knowledge. You’ll learn on the job and be just fine.

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