Forgetting the Swell in my Belly

Was just reading this article on Stefanie Sun’s boy and I couldn’t help but agree with the part where she said she was so busy with her #1 that she forgot about #2 that’s baking in the womb.

Me too.

Sometimes I’m kept so busy with entertaining Emilee’s wants and needs that I forget that I’m even pregnant with #2. Only at the end of the day when I lay down on my bed that I say a quick good night to the baby that’s inside of me.

Tonight, I looked at Emilee and felt a little sad that she would have to share my attention once her sibling is out. I wondered how would she feel then? Would she hate her sibling for taking away mummy’s attention from her? Would she cry sometimes because mummy cannot play with her? No matter what, hubby and I will make time for our firstborn. She is still very much our little treasured one.

I have begun telling Emilee about her sibling but so far, her response has been quite lukewarm. Not sure if she understands that she has a sibling yet. Oh well, will probably check out some books on being an older sibling for her. If anyone has any tips on how to prepare your kid for the arrival of a sibling, do share with me.

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