Third Time’s a Charm

Emilee turned three recently and of course she had to have an Elmo cake. Lol.

I tried out another home baker this time round — Craving Cakes by Stacy. She’s a friend of one of my loli friends. I’ve been checking out the cakes she does through my friend’s orders and I must say I’m really impressed by her design skills. I wanted to keep the cost as low as possible so I chose a simple buttercream cake design from her album of designs she has done before.

Design (Accuracy): –
Can’t comment on this as I did not really come up with a design of my own. I just chose something from her album.

Design (Quality): 10/10
Look at Elmo’s fur! So real! Her design skills are really good. Definitely didn’t disappoint me on this aspect. You should check out some of the other designs she has done especially for her fondant cakes. They are really good!

Packaging: 10/10
The cake was put in a regular white cardboard cake box and was carefully cling wrapped.

Taste: 7/10
I was given a list of cake and cream flavours to choose from and initially went with a buttermilk vanilla cake and strawberry swiss meringue buttercream as I thought that should be less sweet. However, Stacy advised me on the contrary that my choice would be on the sweeter side. She suggested going with a chocolate based cake and I finally settled on a red velvet cake with chocolate buttercream. The cake was not too moist or too dry but it was really sweet! Too sweet for my liking since I’m a pre-diabetic and am used to taking non/less sugared food.

Cost: 9/10
The cost of the cake is comparable to other home bakers’. I felt it was reasonable enough for the level of customisation and skill required.

Communication: 10/10
Communication was clear and free of any hiccups.

Delivery: –
The cake was picked up at her residence so there were no delivery fees involved.

If you have a sweet tooth or prefer cakes to be sweeter then this is for you. For more pictures of Stacy’s creations, do check out her Facebook page and Instagram.

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