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I’m back from my long hiatus! It hasn’t been easy trying to juggle my own leisure time and looking after a kid (even though I have help from my in-laws), but I’m determined to get back into the pace of things. A lot has happened and now Emilee is 15 months old. Will try to do some catch up posts to fill the one year gap.

I should be doing a long overdued review post but thought it to be too abrupt after my hiatus, so here’s one on the excellent service I received from a popular brand among mamas.

Tula is a well-known brand among mamas. They are best known for their baby carriers but they also sell ring slings and blankets. There are the regular canvas carriers and wrap conversion carriers. Wrap conversion carriers are basically made from woven fabric that is commonly used for wrapping cloth or ring slings. These carriers are highly coveted due to their release in limited numbers. Tula blankets are also highly raved about as they are well known for their softness. They are sold in a single print or in a trio (one printed, two solid coloured).

I recently purchased a Tula blanket using ezbuy as my shopping service. (Yea, I was trying to save on shipping cost.) I had created an account on Tula quite some time ago and had my shipping address saved. Unfortunately, I forgot to update the new ezbuy warehouse address in the account so the parcel got sent to an empty warehouse. I panicked and immediately contacted both ezbuy and Tula. ezbuy staff told me to check with the sender as they could not do anything on their end. I was expecting the standard stiff replies from Tula stating that they will see what they can do about it but there’s no guarantee of successful retrieval. What I got instead was a pleasant surprise.

Audrey from Tula was nothing but warm and pleasant in handling what was in actual fact, my mistake. She assured me that she would keep a look out for the returned parcel. Our email conversation started on 17 February and yesterday, she contacted me to say that the parcel has returned to their office and she has mailed it out to the correct address. Oh my, what a relief! Most of all, this incident has left me with a good impression of Tula. I’m sure I’m not the first customer to have problems with my order, but how Tula staff dealt with the issue was with professionalism. Audrey made me feel good being a customer and that I could have great confidence in how Tula runs its business.

So yes, mamas out there, Tula isn’t just a fancy company that makes fancy baby carriers. It is a great company that values its customers! This will definitely not be my last time buying from them!

Thanks Audrey for making my day!

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