Opening Doors

It has been some time since my last post and I thought I’ll do a little update on #1 and #2.

Emilee is now tall enough to reach the handle of our doors at home. With her new found skill, she has been opening her room door in the middle of the night and coming over to our room. At first, I brushed it off as her usual episode of nightmare and wanting some comfort but it has been going on for three days now and I worry she’s not getting enough sleep. I’m not even sure now whether she’s going through a development phase (she has grown taller and her feet bigger) or IT’S starting. IT meaning the whole insecurity, clingy phase coz a sibling is on the way. One of my mummy friends said her older daughter tend to wake up more often at night when her sibling arrived. This behaviour was consistent with other mummies she confirmed with.

I’ve tried telling Emilee that she has to go back to sleep on her own if she wakes up in the middle of the night but I’m not sure if it’s going to work. Any suggestions? Anyone?

Baby K is doing fine. Very active especially around 11pm-midnight. At 24 weeks she was average sized but at 28 weeks she dropped to the 25th percentile. I’m seriously hoping that she does not begin dropping off the charts like her sister. She seems to be more low lying in my tummy too as compared to Emilee. I know she is already head down but even when Emilee was already head down at about the same time, she was much higher up. Mother-in-law says my tummy has “dropped”. Perhaps this is also why I keep feeling aches and pains in my pelvic/tail bone.

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