Making Snowskin Mooncakes

We did a fun activity yesterday! I’ve never brought Emilee to such classes before as we’re a bit of a penny pinching family. This time, I felt Emilee is ready for it as she seems to be able to understand and show appreciation to more things around her. What did we do? We made snowskin mooncakes at SpurBox!

I heard of SpurBox through some mummy friends and thought I’ll give them a go since there aren’t many baking/cookery classes around for kids of a younger age. Also had confirmation from them that the class is simple enough to follow even for the baking idiot that I am.

SpurBox has a range of baking and craft classes for kids of different ages. They do state the recommended age range on the write up for each class. Their baking classes usually have a theme. So there’s the mooncake series of classes this round where you can choose from making snowskin, agar or traditional skin animal mooncakes, etc. I chose to register Emilee for the cookies and cream snowskin mooncake class.

The class was priced at $45 with a slight discount if more than one kid signed up for the class. Now, here’s the little hack. If you sign up for the family pass which I did, you save another $10 per class. I signed up for their lowest tier family pass package which costs $199. The cost of the package works as credits and is $1 for a credit. So instead of paying $45 for the class, I only paid $35. The best part about the pass is that there’s no expiry date so you can just use it as and when you find a suitable class. It’s also not tagged to your kid so you can share the pass with your family or friends. You just have to make the booking though.

On to our baking experience…

My little baker all decked out in her apron and chef hat.


The classroom isn’t very big and accommodates about 8 little bakers with their accompanying adults.

Hygiene is observed at SpurBox. All the little bakers have to wear aprons and chef hats. They are also asked to wash their hands frequently. The work table is kept neat and tidy, lined with cling wrap to catch all the spills.

Mummy and her little baker!


Ingredients are all measured out so it’s really just easy mixing. Great for little ones…and of course people like me with no baking experience! Lol. There’s no use of any large equipment as well, so rest assured that everything is safe for your little ones.

Story and craft time while the dough is setting.


While the treat is baking (or in our case, setting), the kids adjourn to the next room for story and craft time. The story and craft is usually related to the theme. Emilee made a moon and hanging star paper cut out. Yup, as you can see, blue is her favourite colour. Suits the “once in a blue moon” saying I suppose? Lol.

After story and craft, the kids go back to the baking studio to put finishing touches to their creations.

Tadaa! Emilee’s creation!


Emilee tasting her creation.

The class lasted for one and a half hours. My mother-in-law who went along, felt that the baking time was a bit rushed. I felt that it was ok. Perhaps it’s because the class is open to kids aged 2-12. Older kids would have no problem following the instructions and working on the tasks by themselves. As for Emilee who is not yet 3, she stayed put throughout the class but at times she was curious and distracted by the equipment on the table (e.g. rolling pin, mold, etc.) There were also certain tasks that she definitely needed help with like breaking and mixing the oreo cookies with the cream cheese or molding the mooncakes into shape. I did however, let her try simple tasks like mixing the flour, dotting the dough with food colouring, rolling out the dough and patting the dough with flour.

We got to bring home the recipe too.

Overall, it’s a great activity for parents to bond with their kids.¬†Emilee did enjoy herself and looked forward to the next time we go for another class. Do check out SpurBox’s website for their available baking and crafting classes. They do run school holiday programmes too. There’s one Harry Potter themed one coming up soon for September school holidays! Oh, if you’re thinking of holding your kid’s birthday party at their venue, they do have such packages as well.

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