Leftose® for Everyone

How has everyone been during the circuit breaker? Have you been snacking a lot on those heaty tidbits? Do you feel a sore throat creeping up on you? Let me share with you what I discovered lately that you should stock up on.

I’ve heard of Leftose® from my mummy circle before but never really gone to find out more about it or tried it…until now. Boy, I should have checked it out earlier.

Leftose® is an off-the-counter remedy for relieving inflammation in sore throat and phlegm in chesty cough. This non-drowsy remedy is made from a natural enzyme called Lysozyme which is found in egg white, tears, saliva and breastmilk. (Ooh…and mamas know that breastmilk has healing properties!) It comes in three forms — lozenges, tablet and syrup for kids — so there’s really something for everyone.

Lozenges are the most common remedy we turn to when we have a sore throat. These come in honey lemon flavour and there are 16 in a box. A definite must stock up in my home coz my hubby has a heaty body constitution and frequently complains of a sore throat.

If lozenges are meant more for sore throats, then I would think tablets are more for targeting the phlegm. They come in 30 tablets a box.

And of course, something for the kids. No worries that your kid does not know how to swallow tablets coz Leftose® comes in syrup form. A 100ml bottle in a box. There are little stickers included too! Too cute! The syrup is meant for kids aged 1 and above.

Do note that Leftose® is not suitable for those with egg allergies.
You can get Leftose® major pharmacies such as Watson’s, Guardian and Unity.

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