The Softest Baby Essential

Mummies, do you remember cuddling your newborn in your arms? That warm feeling of love as you cradled that little one. That was exactly the feeling I had when I first touched Raph & Remy’s Organic BambooCloud™ cooling blanket. It was oh so soft that I had to steal more cuddles in its rolled up condition before I could bear unrolling it.

It is made from 100% organic bamboo. The temperature regulating nature of the fabric means that your baby is kept cool on warm days and warm on cold days. Take a look at the weave of the blanket. The knit is loose enough such that it is breathable. Mummies can put aside their worries of suffocation and feel at ease using the blanket on their little ones.

The blanket’s fabric is antibacterial and has natural moisture wicking abilities. It is also naturally UV protectant and hypoallergenic. So many good points in this super soft blanket!

This blanket came at just the right moment. Kaitlin will be attending school next month and the air conditioning in the school can be quite cold. It will come in handy for her nap time. She definitely felt comfy and snug with it while she napped at home.

Just look at this little one snooze away in the comfort of the blanket.

The Organic BambooCloud™ cooling blanket is just one item in the suite of premium bamboo baby essentials that Raph & Remy has to offer. There are swaddles, teethers, apparel, etc. Almost everything that a baby would need, can be found in their store. They even offer a personalisation service for some of their items where you can have the little one’s name embroidered on. These items would really make great additions to the nursery or as gifts for a family with a newborn.

Let me go steal that blanket from Kaitlin and cuddle it one more time…

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